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We don’t change your process, we change the WAY you process.

Adding Rivue to your workflow will take the labor out of commissions accounting and free your staff to pursue more profitable tasks.
Our technology will completely automate the forecasting, reconciliation, and payout processes that bottleneck insurance organizations, sapping revenue and labor-hours from your bottom line.

We offer an AMS-agnostic solution that will audit statements, report unpaid or incorrectly paid policies, track unpaid statements and open deposits, and payout commissions according to your company’s unique schedules and compensation structure.

Takes the guesswork and manual processing out of the accounting process by leveraging technology to eliminate inaccuracies and delayed payouts

Empower advisors with their payment report history and a dashboard to generate custom reports

Simplify your commissions management process for less than the price of one paid intern

Key Problems that Rivue Solves:


The Commissions Bottleneck

The commissions management process is riddled with landmines. From inaccurate payments from insurers to complicated compensation setups, commissions management clogs your pipeline and practically encourages miscalculations. With Rivue automating this process, your commission management team is free to think outside the spreadsheet and work productively on more profitable projects.


Inaccurate Commissions lead to Inaccurate Forecasting

By automating the commissions management process and tailoring it to your company’s schedule and structure, you finally have reconciliation that you can count on. The ability to accurately forecast commissions takes removes the fog and clutter and allows you to make decisions today, based on the outcomes of tomorrow.


The Cost of Inconsistency

Beyond the wasted labor-hours associated with commissions management, keeping top producers means paying them accurately and on-time. By allowing you to fix the past with automated reconciliation reports and verifying the present by analyzing deposits from incoming carriers, inconsistency is ironed out before problems can occur.


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