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Firm Overview

Founded in 1994, LCG Technologies is a technology firm delivering technology-based solutions that help companies strategically develop, integrate and align technology to improve their business. Over the years, our technology experts have gained in depth experience developing solutions within the Insurance industry, helping our clients simplify their processes and accelerate their overall operations and profitability.

Working as a strategic partner with leading Insurance companies (IMOs carriers and agencies), it became evident that companies were forced to invest significant resources to manage their Commissions Accounting. After creating a number of commission applications, It became a obvious that the need for a a flexible and affordable solution was needed by the industry as a whole.

As a result, we decided to build a software platform that would help agencies track and manage their commissions accounting process. The Rivue Software platform allows IMO’s and Agencies to quickly integrate their Commission and Bonus data (PDF, Excel, CSV, XML etc.) into a secure portal for downline consumption.

In addition to providing access to consolidated payment data, the Rivue Software platform provides analytics and custom reports to view various metrics (payments, tier thresholds, chargebacks, etc.) across multiple carrier and product lines.

Better data visibility allows agencies to eliminate hours of manual labor associated with processing carrier statements. Because Rivue was designed and developed by software engineers with insurance expertise, it directly integrates into many of the existing software platforms widely available in the industry today.

Firm Overview

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