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Rivue Beyond Commissions

“Nothing else like this – it has completely revolutionized commissions for us”

Candre C.

Automate Your Commissions Accounting Tasks with Speed and Accuracy

A commissions accounting workflow
software for insurance and
financial services

Customize Your Commissions Accounting Process

The Commissions Accounting Process is Riddled with Landmines

From complex carrier statements to complicated compensation setups, commissions management clogs your pipeline and practically encourages miscalculations.

Save Time and Money

Adding Rivue to your agency’s workflow will save time and money by taking labor out of commissions accounting and free your staff to pursue more profitable tasks.

Ensure Accurate Forecasting

By automating the commissions management process and tailoring it to your company’s schedule and structure, you’ll have the ability to accurately forecast commissions.

Retain Your Best Agents

Keeping top producers means paying them accurately and on-time. By automating reconciliation reports and verifying deposits from incoming carriers, inconsistency is ironed out before problems can occur.

Available Features

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Process Carrier Statements in Minutes Process Carrier Statements in Minutes
Batch Reconcile Deposits for Accuracy Batch Reconcile Deposits for Accuracy
Automate Agent Payout Calculation Automate Agent Payout Calculation
Set Customizable and Complex Commissions Schedules Set Customizable and Complex Commissions Schedules
Easily Generate Statements and Reports Easily Generate Statements and Reports

Statement Processing (Payors)

Drag-and-Drop your payor (carrier) statements onto the Rivue platform for immediate processing. Once your statements are processed… download an Excel version of your statement along with a First Year . Renewal statement report.  Rivue supports over 50 carriers and supports for manual entry or direct upload of formatted statements.

Deposit Reconciliation

Upload your deposit file (Excel, QuickBooks, etc.) and have Rivue automatically reconcile deposits to your statements. Rivue supports a workspace to manage outstanding deposits and / or statements while preventing accidental payouts on policies that have not yet been fully reconciled.

Payout Calculation

Payout Calculation

Whether you are paying fixed salary or tiered rate payout, select from a list of payout schedules or let us create your own customized schedule for your direct Payees.  Once configured, let Rivue automatically calculate your payouts including chargebacks, advances, and override payouts.

Advisor Statements (Generation)

Upload your Payee payout data to the Rivue platform and generate your own customized statements.  Let Rivue track ongoing payouts and balances across payout periods while also providing a secure portal for your payees to access their statements.  Single-Sign-on capability allows for the Rivue portal to be accessed directly from the agency website.

Payee Statement